Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lone Cypress in Monterey

Lone Cypress Tree, Pebble, Beach, California―17 Mile Drive is comprised of approx. 20 landmarks . . .

The Lone Cypress Tree you'll see along the drive is around 250 years old and represents the Pebble Beach Company, owner of Pebble Beach golf courses and many properties in this wealthy region of the Monterey Bay.

Like the tree, the 17-mile drive is a two lane road which has seen many years of activity. The shape of this famous tree has traveled the miles in logo products purchased by people from around the globe who come to visit, stay at the Pebble Beach resorts properties, play golf and even watch commercials and movies in which the tree has appeared. Oh, to be a famous tree!

The Lone Cypress - You probably have seen this tree before. It is the trademark for the resort and actually exists, perched on a rock with a supporting cable to keep it from falling.

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